Fishermen prepare for changed regulations

May 27th 11:28 am

This year, drifters must declare the district in which they intend to fish at beginning of the season

Frustration lingers over Adak's derelict tugboats

May 27th 11:27 am

Governor calls situation 'unsafe and unacceptable,' demands attention from Coast Guard

Big changes on a big Alaska peninsula

May 27th 11:27 am

Larger than West Virginia, the Kenai Peninsula has the best of Alaska: coastal rainforests, two icefields, majestic deepwater fiords and a sapphire river home to the largest king salmon ever caught. It also has some of the best-documented changes of any [...]

Unalaska Police Report

May 27th 11:26 am

May 8 Suspicious Person/Activity - Officer contacted a bar patron after he was observed urinating in public. The offender was warned of the violation and guided to use a restroom in the future. Suspicious Person/Activity - Caller reported the possible use [...]

Museum board selects new boss

May 27th 11:26 am

Finally, it looks like the Museum of the Aleutians will have a new executive director, and re-open fulltime to the public. The MOTA board of directors on Monday chose Neal Hitch, a California museum director, as its top candidate, according to board member [...]

Manokotak youth building a successful future

May 27th 11:25 am

Leah John and Liana Evon complete Continuing Technical Education class

Volunteers practice plane crash emergency response in Unalaska

May 27th 11:25 am

Unalaska Fire and Emergency Medical Services volunteers participated recently in an Alaska Department of Transportation training exercise involving a downed and partially submerged passenger aircraft at the float plane ramp near the Tom Madsen Airport.

Copper River return shows salmon season off to slow start

May 27th 11:24 am

High prices fuel optimism across the state after last season, when the value to fishermen fell by 40 percent

Opinion: 'Reclaim Alaska' letter is a contradiction

May 27th 11:23 am

On June 23, 2014, the date that a letter from the President and CEO of the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Dimitri Philemonof, was sent to the residents and communities in the Aleut Region of Alaska. The purpose of the letter was an "Invitation to our [...]

Opinion: Pebble Mine: One year's work, or 100?

May 27th 11:23 am

Should a foreign company be allowed to ruin people's homes and livelihood for some quick cash? Because near Dillingham, in Bristol Bay, Alaska, that's exactly what is happening. A company based in Canada and Europe is trying to build a gold and copper mine [...]

Opinion: Cure for opioid, heroin addiction must start with change in societal attitude

May 27th 11:22 am

Across the state, small towns are grappling with the growing problem of heroin and opioid use, and the ramifications; from health dangers like hepatitis C to increased crime. Alaska statistics show a steep increase in heroin use but few facilities or [...]

Brown bears draw hundreds to Alaska Peninsula for spring hunt

May 27th 11:21 am

Every other year, the spring bear hunt on the Alaska Peninsula draws 600-700 people for a chance to bag a trophy brown bear. Most hunters hire guides and charter flights, driving an estimated $10 million dollars of economic activity each year. On the bank of [...]

In Brief

May 27th 11:21 am

Copper River Seafoods to label Bristol Bay sockeye By Molly Dischner Bristol Bay Times - Dutch Harbor Fisherman More salmon will be packaged with a reminder of its Bristol Bay origin this summer than in the past. Copper River Seafoods will use a Bristol [...]

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

May 27th 11:20 am

Small gas spill at Aleknagik May 31, 2001 By Tataboline Brant Bristol Bay Times Approximately 5,000 gallons of gasoline spilled on the ground at Moody's Marina in Aleknagik last week, state environmental officials said. The spill occurred on the night [...]

Bristol Bay students hit beach to study marine life

May 27th 11:19 am

Elementary students visit Kanakanak Beach to learn about salmon cycle of life and more

Man wounded in shooting flown to Anchorage

May 21st 12:56 am

Reece Johnson, 21, was arrested after a three-hour standoff

Aleutian animal bones may end up in Canadian trash heap

May 21st 12:55 am

If a "huge" load of scientifically valuable prehistoric animal bones aren't returned soon to the Museum of the Aleutians, they may end up in the trash in Canada, according to a frustrated scientist in Victoria, British Columbia who is encountering tax [...]

Fishermen's association changes name to reflect Bristol Bay roots

May 21st 12:55 am

As fishermen prepare for the coming season, one fishermen's organization is looking to pay more attention to the bottom line among a host of changes intended to emphasize its focus. The Alaska Independent Fishermen's Association recently re-named itself the [...]

BBAHC on the frontlines against bed bugs

May 21st 12:54 am

Rural Alaskans fight bed bugs with a $100,000 grant from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Unalaska Police Report

May 21st 12:53 am

May 1 Ambulance Request - EMS responded to the report of young man having chest pains and a difficult time breathing. Assistance Rendered - EMS responded to a report that a female had fainted. May 2 Assistance Rendered - Landlord reported that city [...]

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