Full Circle now sells Aleutian salmon

July 3rd 8:28 pm

Grocery delivery service broadens their offerings to include meats, seafood

Bristol Bay sockeye catch still climbing

July 3rd 8:27 pm

Largest catches have come from the Egegik and Nushagak Districts

Eagles swarm city hall in Unalaska

July 3rd 8:26 pm

Eagles surrounded Unalaska City Hall, horrifying two workers who feared for their safety on their way home Monday evening. But both women departed safely while the large birds indulged in a feeding frenzy outside the building, apparently feasting on seagulls.

Western Alaska mushers sign up for 2016 Iditarod

July 3rd 8:25 pm

By Tommy Wells Arctic Sounder The last time Ketil Reitan stepped behind a sled for the start of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, William Jefferson Clinton was sitting in the White House, Justin Beiber was just being born and O.J. Simpson was still a few [...]

Unalaska Police Report

July 3rd 8:24 pm

As told by the Unalaska Police Department

NOAA announces more than $25M in grants for fishing

July 3rd 8:24 pm

Funds to benefit U.S. fisheries, fishermen and coastal communities

Water fountains in the tundra

July 3rd 8:23 pm

While tightroping on tussock heads in a bog off the Chandalar River, two companions and I heard a waterfall. Strange.

Summer culture camp connects youth, communities

July 3rd 8:22 pm

Over 50 youth have signed up for the Summer Youth / Culture Camp in Dillingham. This year's extravaganza is a successfully coordinated effort between multi partnership groups. 4-H, Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, [...]

Unalaska planning commission seeks fines for public nuisances

July 3rd 8:21 pm

The planning commission wants to put some teeth in Unalaska's public nuisance ordinance, in the form of fines for leaving junk cars, refrigerators and garbage around the yard.

Outburst lands man in Dillingham harbor

July 3rd 8:21 pm

On Saturday night an intoxicated 21-year-old man ended up in the water in the Dillingham Harbor after what police and witnesses said was a bizarre outburst. Witnesses say the young man, whose name and hometown have not been released, was yelling and [...]

Naknek fishermen cope with slow opener

July 3rd 8:20 pm

While waiting for fish, fishermen speculate about the tardy run

Unalaska spends $20K on Arctic Council meetings

July 3rd 8:19 pm

The Unalaska City Council last week approved $20,000 for sponsorship of the Alaska Arctic Council Host Committee.

Opinion: U.S. Supreme Court rulings are just common sense to children

July 3rd 8:18 pm

There is nothing like explaining Supreme Court rulings to your elementary school-age children to really boil it all down.

OSI expands dock in Unalaska

July 3rd 8:18 pm

Work is expected to take Knik Construction between 60 and 90 days to complete

Dillingham Police report

July 3rd 8:17 pm

As told by the Dillingham Police Department.

In Brief

July 3rd 8:16 pm

'Malfunctioning' cellphone texts for help, search launched

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

July 3rd 8:15 pm

Study shows Aleutian otters in steep decline July 6, 2000 Anchorage (AP) — Federal researchers said Thursday that the Aleutian Island sea otter population has dropped 710 percent this decade, largely because of predation by killer whales. Based on [...]

Shell rigs move north

July 3rd 8:09 pm

Company still waiting for final permit, not allowed to drill two holes nine miles apart

Millions await the annual return of the Katmai bear cams

June 26th 1:35 pm

Cam viewers from across the globe are connecting with bears, says Ranger Roy

Hydro replaces diesel at Chignik Lagoon

June 26th 1:34 pm

The run-of-the-river system now supplying energy to village of 70

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