Pilot failed to engage landing gear in Unalaska crash

February 24th 11:03 pm

Human error caused last week's aviation accident in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, when the pilot forgot to put down the landing gear, according to Bruce McGlashan, president of Grant Aviation, which owns the Beech 200 King Air. The pilot is no longer employed with [...]

Report says Pebble doesn't pencil out

February 24th 11:02 pm

Political winds may indicate smoother sailing for a major proposed mine project in Bristol Bay, but new legal and financial hurdles may continue to stymie the project. In mid-February, an East Coast investment company released a report that said it didn't [...]

Dillingham sixth-graders battle it out at annual spelling bee

February 24th 11:02 pm

For a dozen rounds, Dillingham sixth-graders Ryan Berkoski and Rosie Wauneka-Yellowhorse matched each other word for word, correctly spelling each challenge that pronouncer Kim Piazza could send their way at the 2017 spelling bee. On stage at Dillingham [...]

Unalaska mayor and ex-mayor agree, disagree on city dock project

February 24th 11:01 pm

Despite private sector opposition, a major overhaul of the Unalaska Marine Center got the go-ahead last week, when the city council authorized borrowing $35 million from the Alaska Bond Bank for the project at the facility also known as the "city dock" on [...]

Seafood Marketing Institute names communications director

February 24th 10:55 pm

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has a new communications director. Former Alaska Department of Transportation communications officer Jeremy Woodrow is the new communications director at the marketing institute, or ASMI. He'll be the head of the [...]

Subsistence Regional Advisory Council meeting scheduled

February 24th 10:55 pm

The Bristol Bay Subsistence Regional Advisory Council will meet in Naknek this month and next. The council, which represents the region to federal subsistence managers, meets Feb. 28 through March 1 at Dolly's Hall in Naknek. According to an announcement [...]

Naknek Electric Association gets preliminary permit approval

February 24th 10:54 pm

The state has said that the effort to install a backup generator at the Naknek power plant should not cause air quality concerns. Naknek Electric Association applied for the air quality permit. In a February public notice, the state Department of [...]

Borough postpones decision on tourism taxes, fees

February 24th 10:54 pm

Changes to local taxes won't come into play for Lake and Peninsula Borough tourism businesses until at least June 2018. The borough assembly agreed unanimously Feb. 21 to postpone action on changing some tourism-related taxes and fees until a future meeting.

Strategic planning coordinator to conduct community sessions

February 24th 10:53 pm

The Strategic Planning Coordinator (SPC) will travel to Anchorage for one full day of training, and will then travel to each village in their grouping to conduct strategic planning sessions.  The SPC will then write up the strategic plan for the village.  [...]

Coast Guard has few clues in mystery of lost crab boat

February 24th 10:52 pm

With the Coast Guard search for the fishing vessel Destination suspended, the focus is now turning to solving the mystery of what happened to the 95-foot Bering Sea crabbing boat and its six crew members. Investigators trying to determine what caused the [...]

With Bogoslof's eruptions, island has tripled in size

February 24th 10:52 pm

Bogoslof volcano erupted once again early Saturday morning as a series of rumblings continue that have so far tripled the island's size. Around 4:30 a.m. Saturday, an eruption lasting a few minutes shot an ash cloud at least 25,000 feet into the sky, the [...]

Governor declares statewide disaster for opioid abuse

February 24th 10:51 pm

Opioid abuse has been on the rise in Alaska over the last several years, with heroin-related deaths more than quadrupling since 2009. On Feb. 15, Gov. Bill Walker declared a statewide public health crisis in response to ever-increasing usage, overdoses, and [...]

Iditarod mushers ship bags of pasta, ice cream to checkpoints

February 24th 10:50 pm

Iditarod musher Nathan Schroeder has learned a lesson in his four years of packing bags to ship to race checkpoints scattered across Alaska: Avoid plastic. Schroeder said he discovered that one year after packing plastic forks, knives and spoons in his nylon [...]

Prolific author Jim Rearden dies

February 24th 10:50 pm

Jim Rearden, a longtime Alaskan, Homer resident, and author of 28 books about his and others' adventures in the land he loved, died this week. Rearden came to Alaska in 1947, working as a "stream guard" for the federal government. He developed the wildlife [...]

U.S. House passes Don Young's bill to repeal Alaska's wildlife management rule

February 24th 10:49 pm

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House passed a resolution Thursday night to repeal an Obama administration regulation limiting some hunting practices on federal wildlife refuges in Alaska. The measure, sponsored by Alaska Rep. Don Young, faces a tight Senate [...]

New bill would ban trapping near Alaska's public trails

February 24th 10:48 pm

The Alaska Legislature is starting work on a potentially historic bill to ban trapping within 200 feet of trails and other public places around the state. Anchorage Democratic Rep. Andy Josephson sponsored House Bill 40 amid a rise in reports of dogs maimed [...]

Strongest female showing ever at Yukon Quest

February 24th 10:47 pm

Behind Matt Hall's impressive come-from-behind victory, the Yukon Quest featured an impressive showing by women, who Wednesday were poised to take four of the top 10 spots, the most in race history. Fisheries biologist Paige Drobny, 41, of Fairbanks was [...]

Opinion: Rearden's message offers wisdom about salmon protection, resource development

February 24th 10:47 pm

In much of rural Alaska, Elders are honored for their lifetime of knowledge. Most of the time, however, that knowledge is shared only with a circle of people directly around these Elders. So when an Elder passes who is also a writer, it is an opportunity to [...]

Opinion: Stable tax policies and a balanced fiscal plan are foundations for a strong Alaska

February 24th 10:46 pm

Alaska is at a tipping point and Alaskans have a choice to make: Either keep Alaska competitive and fix our fiscal crisis or continue down a path that ends in a failed economy. We are co-chairs of the KEEP Alaska Competitive Coalition, a broad-based group of [...]

Opinion: Veteran cop talks his way through wild nights

February 24th 10:45 pm

Bill Miller's mouth got him through 37 years as a cop. That and his brain. He figured out how it was going to work as a brand-new Alaska State Trooper. He pulled over a car late one night on a lonely road near north Kenai, at least 20 miles from backup, [...]

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