Legendary cutter stars in new film

July 22nd 12:24 pm

Documentary charts history of former Coast Guard cutter Storis

Herring MIA in Dutch Harbor

July 22nd 12:23 pm

After several days of flying, spotter pilot hasn't seen any herring

Unalaska Police Report

July 22nd 12:22 pm

June 19 Suspicious Activity - Caller reported that he received a call detailing his house was broken into, the incident turned out to be a prank completed by a past friend and resident. June 20 Suspicious Activity - Caller reported an unsecure premises, [...]

'Deadliest Catch' crew joins Fish for Kids program in Bristol Bay

July 22nd 12:22 pm

Leave it to the crew of "Deadliest Catch to liven things up, even when it comes to a philanthropic effort by fishermen and Peter Pan Seafoods to provide salmon meals to local school children and raise funds for fisheries education. The salmon tender [...]

Young fishermen working on Alaska almanac

July 22nd 12:21 pm

Group is looking for writing and art for the book project

Icicle continues to invest at Wood River

July 22nd 12:20 pm

A larger pump barge, new RSW holding tanks, more processing lines, and other improvements have doubled Icicle's salmon processing capacity at the Wood River plant in Dillingham. Unless companies have the capital to build from the ground up, the plants that [...]

Processing upgrades possible, but humans irreplaceable, says analyst

July 22nd 12:19 pm

Icelander visits Bristol Bay to see how salmon processing could be made more efficient

In Brief

July 22nd 12:18 pm

Dillingham's new crane arrives The newest edition to Dillingham's harbor fleet has arrived. The city's new crane, a 200-ton Link-Belt model ordered back in June, arrived earlier this month, and a crew was setting it up by mid-July said Harbor Master Jean [...]

Years Ago in the Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman

July 22nd 12:17 pm

Poor fishing season disastrous for bay businesses July 19, 2001 By Erik Hillstrom Bristol Bay Times Tough times for commercial salmon fishermen in the Dillingham area are being felt by many area businesses this summer. Still fighting a low 40-cents [...]

Trawlers harvest yellowfin sole in Bristol Bay

July 22nd 12:14 pm

Through mid-July, BBEDC landed about 2,000 metric tons

Shishmaref youth honored by White House

July 22nd 12:07 pm

Sinnok has helped draw attention to the plight of his whole community

Bycatch continues to benefit food bank visitors

July 22nd 12:05 pm

New freezer container has been stationed at the Port of Dillingham holding 8,500 pounds of fish The decades-old "bycatch to food banks" program has grown far beyond its original Alaska beginnings. Today, only 10 percent of the fish going to hunger relief [...]

Visiting a ghost town on the Tanana River

July 22nd 12:04 pm

COS JACKET — On a canoe trip down the lower Tanana River, we've scrambled up a crumbling sand bank to explore a place that is less populated now than it was a century ago. No one, in fact, lives at Cos Jacket anymore. There is a cabin-size cache with [...]

Opinion: As campaign heats up, pledge to look beyond money

July 22nd 11:56 am

On a recent drive up the road, it became obvious that we were rapidly transitioning out of construction season and into election season. I'm not sure which is worse, but there sure were a lot of smiling faces on the big signs along the roadway and the [...]

Obituary: Kay Branch

July 22nd 11:54 am

Kay Branch Kay Branch, 61, passed away on July 9, 2016 from metastatic triple negative breast cancer. She was surrounded by her true love and husband Bill Herman, her daughter Laura Herman, her father Herman Winstead, sister Sue Wilson, and friends Teresa [...]

Sheefish a shiny surprise

July 15th 12:12 pm

ZITZIANA RIVER — Fishing at the spot where this long, squiggly stream mixes with a floury channel of the Tanana River, Alison Beamer feels a thump. Line squeals from her spinning reel as a creature as long as her arm flashes beneath the surface. [...]

Alaska fish harvest soars into the millions

July 15th 12:11 pm

Salmon takes center stage each summer but many other fisheries also are in full swing from Ketchikan to Kotzebue. For salmon, total catches by July 8 were nearing 28 million fish, of which 10 million were sockeyes, primarily from Bristol Bay. Last week [...]

Two young adults die in Pribilof villages

July 15th 12:10 pm

The Pribilof Island communities of St. Paul and St. George Islands "suffered a devastating and sudden loss of two young adults on July 6. Raymond Stephen Warner, 31, of St. Paul Island and Alberta Mary Prokopiof, 28, of St. George Island, died unexpectedly in [...]

Salmon sharks contribute to chinook decline

July 15th 12:09 pm

Is the warm belly of the salmon shark the answer to the decline of the king salmon in western Alaska? Fisheries biologist Andy Seitz likes to think it is, based on astonishingly high temperatures transmitted from electronic tagging devices attached to the [...]

Opinion: Alaskans want 'structural changes,' the meaningless phrase of the moment

July 15th 12:07 pm

It's hard to argue specifics with Rep. Lynn Gattis when she says we need "structural changes" in state government. The trouble with structural changes, when described that way by a politician, is that the words can mean almost anything. I've asked Gattis, a [...]

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