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OPINION: Letter to the Editor

December 8th, 2017 | Richard King Print this article   Email this article  

Issues with initiative

Regarding the Stand for Salmon initiative, either the writers are naive or they're in the bag for Pebble. One issue I will point out, but there are others.

In the initiative, on page 5, the proposed 16.05.885(g) requires performance bonds to assure compliance with the terms of a permit to pollute or use salmon waters; the proposed 16.05.885(h) exempts a governmental entity or federally recognized tribe from the bonding requirements; and the proposed 16.05.885(j) defines "federally recognized tribe" as having the meaning given in AS 23.20.520, which includes wholly owned tribal businesses. To put this in this initiative you would have done research and know what you're looking for. If you were for protecting salmon you would at the very least left it alone, or call for no exemptions at all for bonding requirements.

This part of the initiative exempts tribally owned businesses from performance bonds. Only pro pebble persons would ask for this exemption! This is a free pass, this ends up with the tribal operating entity filing for bankruptcy, and then they are free to go. There is no reason to write this exemption in the Stand for Salmon Initiative except to help Pebble. This is a gift worth many millions of dollars to Pebble, not to mention the damage that is left because there would be no performance bond.

You can look it up hear who the sponsors are 17FSH2. Visit

Richard King


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