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OPINION: A 'Yes' vote on Proposition 2 is power in our hands

August 24th, 2012 | Jason Evans Print this article   Email this article  

When the polls open on Aug. 28, you, me, and your next-door neighbor have a huge decision to make. We can go to the polls and put our resources in local hands or we can sit back and do nothing and let politicians in Juneau and Washington, D.C., handle our coast.

The choice is pretty simple.

Vote "yes" on Ballot Measure 2.

Here's the skinny on Ballot Measure 2. Last year and again this year, the Alaska Coastal Management Program was not renewed by the state of Alaska. This decision removed local input on critical decisions on our coastal waters, resources and livelihoods and put them in the hands of politicians far away from our regions. In a state where resources are abundant, the end of Coastal Zone Management means major corporations, with their money and lobbyists, can take aim at federal legislators in hopes of creating easy access to what belongs to the people of Alaska.

Do we really want out resources and futures being dealt and bargained for?

A "yes" vote on Ballot Measure 2 will go a long way to remedying the problem the federal government has created. A "yes" vote will ensure Alaska remains in control of what belongs to Alaskans. Ballot Measure 2 gives Alaskans a real say in development that affects our coastal resources. That's our right.

A simpler way of looking at the whole issue is this? Would you willingly give control of home, or camp, cabin, boat or anything you value to outsiders and giving yourself no say? I'm betting not.

In a nutshell, a "yes" vote is a vote for regulations that guarantee Alaskans will have a say in decisions that affect us, our communities will have a say in decisions that will affect them.

For 30 years this was the way it was in Alaska - local communities had a say. Developments like Red Dog Mine and oil development in Prudhoe Bay were all created with Coastal Zone Management and local control and local voices being concerned. Why should we give it up now?

They're our resources. We should have a say.

VOTE YES on Ballot Measure 2.

We shouldn't give away control of our coastal lines and coastal waters, resources or integrity. Not now. Not ever.

Join me and countless other Alaskans just like you on Aug. 28 in voting for Ballot Measure 2.


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