Dillingham Arts Council Christmas Bazaar draws more than 100 vendors

Dec 08th 5:10 pm By Avery Lill, KDLG News

Saturday was the Dillingham Arts Council Christmas Bazaar. More than 100 vendors crowded into the high school gym, selling furs, traditional Native crafts and all kinds of art and handmade goods.

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December 8th 3:52 pm

It's dark, pretty much no matter where you live in Alaska right now. We're in the tunnel; the one that makes most of America shake its head in disbelief that people actually live where the sun shines so little, if it all. But Alaskans by-and-large deal with [...]

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After drop in cod stocks, scientists speculate that 'the blob' may be to blame

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Mid-June 1970: one of the most important days in my life. It rained, as I waited in line outside a trailer in Johnson's Trailer Court in Valdez to receive my first dispatch. That day, I received my first dispatch ticket from Laborer's 341 business agent Jim [...]

Pioneer scientist determined aurora height over Alaska

December 8th 3:46 pm

By the time Fuller collapsed in his Fairbanks garden in 1935, he had acquired data from particles in the sky

Birds without borders

December 8th 3:42 pm

Alaska's subsistence bird-hunting laws evolved after protests, negotiations

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Small-boat Tanner crabbing OK'd for January

December 8th 4:15 pm

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December 8th 4:14 pm

Issues with initiative

Dillingham scammer blames addictions

December 8th 4:16 pm

Mann asks for no more than five-year sentence

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